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Dear Lisa,

 I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me and my family.  When my wife and I set out on our house hunt in early 2013, we had no clue what we were doing or what we should look for.  We had never bought a house before and really needed guidance on what our priorities should be.  As you might recall, we were in the first trimester of pregnancy with our first child when we met with you.  We needed to find a home in enough time to allow us to move in and get settled before the baby arrived.  We didn't know what we wanted or where we wanted it.  I still remember our first meeting with you.  You predicted that we would end up in a new construction in Plano or Frisco.  You were absolutely correct!

 We are thrilled with the house we got, and we are amazed by your efforts to get us here.  You probably remember us needing to take frequent breaks due to pregnancy and motion sickness.  We had the added issue of needing to find a home that complies with the ancient Indian science of vaastu (or mastery of the directions).  This meant that our house needed to face a certain direction and needed to have rooms in specific places within the house.  We looked at tons of houses, rejecting almost all of them for one reason or another, and you never rushed us or showed frustration.  Your empathy and encouragement will never be forgotten.

As for the nitty gritty, you negotiated for us as if it was YOUR home.  You were amazing.  I am an attorney and am used to negotiating hard, but with you, I just stood back and let you do your "thing."  It was glorious!

On the personal front, you started out as our realtor, you evolved into our friend, and now, you are part of the family.  Your love and support during the birth of our daughter has touched us in ways that we cannot describe.  We cherish the fact that you stay in touch and keep thinking of us even when we get busy with our fledgling family.  You never forget us, and that is very comforting.

You are realtor unlike any I have ever encountered.  My wife and I are better off with you in our lives.  Please keep doing what you do -- touching peoples' lives and hearts all while helping them buy or sell their homes.  If you ever need a reference, you can call on me and my wife anytime.  Just show the prospective client this letter.  If he or she still needs convincing, we will fight for you like you fought for us.  

Thanks again for all you do.

Best regards,

Rocky Dhir  - November 2013

I had the privilege of working with Lisa DeNardo to sell my townhome this year, and I enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone in the Dallas area.  She is extremely knowledgeable of the market, very responsive and maintains a high degree of professionalism.  As it was my first home sale, I was both apprehensive and ignorant of the process, but Lisa quickly set my mind at ease with her clearly articulated plan of action and positive attitude.  She made excellent recommendations on improvements to make to the property before listing and patiently answered all of my questions.  While the home was on the market, she fought to ensure that the home sold for the best possible price while receiving multiple offers.  It would be hard to imagine anyone doing a better job than Lisa in selling my home.

Christopher "Keith" Stubbs  11/25/2013

Hi Lisa,    I want to let you know how much we appreciate you.  We absolutely love our new home and are so thankful for your support and encouragement through our recent home buying process.

7 years ago when Blake and I were newleyweds and looking for our first home, we were given your name by a friend.  We are so thankful to him for recommending you as we know we found the very best realtor in Dallas.  You spent so much time explaining the home buying process to us and were patient and confident that we would find the perfect home for us in our budget.  We appreciated your honesty as we toured homes and you expressed concern that we could be getting in over our heads with repairs, remodeling, etc.  We did find our perfect home and were always grateful to you for helping us through that process. 

Through the years, you called to check in on us and continued to send us information on the housing market, how to increase the value of our home, and other useful information.  After 7 years in our 3 bedroom home, we grew from a family of 2 to a family of 5 and decided it was time for our next home.  When we got to the point of looking for our new home, we had no doubt that you were the realtor we wanted to use.  Once again, we made the right decision.  We will never forget finding our new home the day before vacation.  You encouraged us to go ahead and make that step and put our home on the market.  Sure enough, we were on the phone and at Fedex Office during our vacation because we had an offer on our home within several days!  I tended to be a bit panicked at times, and every time we spoke, you were so professional and calming.  We sold our home and bought a new home all within several months and the entire process was so smooth.

Lisa, thank you for everything.  We will absolutely recommend you to anyone we know who is looking for a realtor.  You truly are the best!

Carrie Robbins  10/4/2011


The thought of selling our home in the midst of a housing crisis, summer of 2009, seemed impossible.
My wife and I knew we would need an experienced real estate professional to not only calm our fears about the market but also walk us through the entire process.
We contacted Lisa DeNardo in July 2009.  She immediately calmed our fears, gave us the confidence to move forward and reassured us that she would guide us from start to finish.  
Our home was placed on the market in August 2009 and we closed the first week of October 2009.  We could not have hoped for a better ending to our journey and are confident that we made the right choice in asking Lisa and Your Home Place Realty to help make this happen.
Lisa was an invaluable asset and we have no hesitation in recommending Lisa DeNardo and Your Home Place Realty.
Gene & Jennifer Beisert  January 28, 2010



Please use the following as a testimonial from me:
I recently completed my third real estate transaction with Lisa. Her expertise was invaluable, and I relied heavily on her knowledge of the real estate market in Dallas. Throughout the process, she provided excellent communication to keep me updated on the status of my transaction. She was persistent in meeting and overcoming challenges to complete the sale. Once again, I am thrilled with Lisa's results, and I would recommend her to anyone needing a real estate agent in the Dallas area. 
Jimmye Taylor

The process of purchasing a home, especially a first home, is a daunting task. My husband Stuart and I were very excited about the prospect of owning home, but also nervous about all the responsibilities that go along with being a homeowner. The idea of having space to spread out, open/store all our wedding gifts, entertain guests, cook healthier meals, and run around like crazy people in our own backyard was an exciting thought. However, we had no idea how to get started. We did have several friends who recommended Lisa DeNardo to us and we decided to give her a try.


Getting started was easy once we met Lisa and gave her a general idea of what we were looking for in a home. She continuously asked us questions and sent us information that would help in our search. When we told her about our financial situation and the type of loan we were approved for, she gathered as much information on her own and constantly kept us up-to-date with anything she found. She was determined to keep us as informed as possible; not to pressure us into making a decision, but to help us make an educated decision. We spent a lot of time looking at websites, searching information on various builders, and of course, looking at some beautiful homes. Throughout the entire process, Lisa was right there.


Any person who chooses to go it alone when purchasing a new home is headed for a bumpy road. Our agent, Lisa DeNardo, made the road for us much smoother even though every conceivable challenge was thrown at us. We had to find a home between both of our places of employment, and close within a month’s time in order to be able to utilize the down payment assistance programs being pulled by lenders earlier than expected.


Purchasing a home has been a dream for Stuart and I and I truly believe it would not have happened if we didn’t have the best realtor representing our interests.


Thank you, Lisa DeNardo, for a wonderful experience. We will recommend you to everyone!


All the best,

Krisler Bailey and Stuart Luke    October 3, 2008

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for your hard work and gracious professionalism on the sale process! We have bought and sold several homes and you are the best realtor for with which we have worked. You did a great job marketing our home and we were very pleased with the outcome. 
Continued success and we will definitely be in touch if we come back to the metroplex!!
Gary and Susan Smith February 14, 2004
To Lisa DeNardo,
It has been a pleasure having you for our real estate agent. You untiring work was appreciated. There were a few obstacles that you handled very professionally. Not only did you sell our house for the estimated value, but you also sold our other property.
We were very pleased with the advice you gave us. You sold our property very quickly which helped us get to our new location. 
I would recommend your service to anyone who wants a real estate agent who makes this transition go as smoothly as possible. Your day and night work was a blessing for us. You were available to answer any and all questions we had.
If I had other property in Collin County to sell, I would call you first. You were recommended by our son as the best agent in Dallas, and I would agree.
Thank you for your untiring effort and success in selling our property.
J. Harry Sutherland and LaNelle Sutherland 
Dear Lisa,
I hope when you receive this letter you are in the best of health and spirits. I know it has been two months since the close of our new home but I have not forgotten my favorite realtor (smile). As you can imagine it was very hectic around here wit the new house, the holidays, and trying to adjust to our new environment. With that said we could not be happier with where we are in our lives. You have helped us complete another chapter in our lives and that’s homeownership and for that we are very grateful. It seems like just yesterday I was living in a two bedroom apartment in New Hampshire dreaming of owning a home of my own. You helped me not only meet but exceed my goal. To think, that first weekend we met my only goal was to narrow down and area in big ole Texas. Who knew we’d end up finding a house in two days! I’m still amazed at how fast you were able to place us in the perfect house with the perfect neighbors. You truly are an angel. Aside from your professionalism and real estate knowledge, the quality I love the most about you is your honesty and with that comes trust. From our first phone conversation you made me feel very comfortable and I know I could entrust you with the relocation of my family. You always made me feel as thought I was your only client with my own personal attention even if I did call you ten times a day (smile). Never once did you make me feel that you didn’t have my best interest in mind. It was a great asset having you on my side to take care of the things I could not do from New Hampshire, if you said you’d do it you did it. I could never thank you enough for all your help with our relocation. Lisa I wish you great success in everything you do in life because you truly deserve it. I not only gained a house I gained a wonderful friend. God Bless and we’ll be in touch.
Yours truly,
Julia Sheriff
Dear Lisa,
Please accept our apologies in sending this letter weeks overdue – time has gotten away from us! We have so many things to be thankful for, and developing a professional relationship and friendship with you has truly been a blessing. 
When we began the process of listing our condo and searching for our first home together, just weeks after we were married, we never envisioned it would happen so quickly, efficiently, and smoothly.
Sales of condos in our area had significantly slowed. You presented us with sales (comps) in our area over the previous twelve months, assessed the improvements we had made, and highlighted parts of our property that would be positive and negative to us. You assisted us in determining a price that would allow us to list competitively. Within the first week of the condo being on the market, we had over ten showings. A week later, we had two offers! There is no question that your reputation, experience and marketing strategies played a vital role in securing our sale. 
You were professional in our negotiations and we felt confident that, because you were our agent, we were in a better position. While the buyer’s agent continued to make the closing process as difficult as possible, you remained highly professional and ethical. We could never thank you enough for securing the sale and close of our condo so quickly!
During the sale of the condo, we were also purchasing our first home. At our initial home buying meeting, you allowed us to develop a laundry list of “wants” and “needs” – all of which had to found in a house within our price-range. You were extremely patient with us as we looked at homes; you often played real estate agent and counselor at the same time. 
Additionally, you worked hard to eliminate homes that may have been in our price-range but would not meet our needs or expectations. You encouraged us to expand our search into neighborhoods that we did not know existed. Ultimately, we found our home in an area you recommended. We love it! You helped us negotiate the price, and the closing was a wonderful (and painless) experience.
We have enjoyed receiving the letters, other correspondence, and small tokes of appreciation you never fail to send. The notebook you provided has enabled us to keep track of improvements, paint color, insurance documents, etcetera. If our family grows and we decide to move, you will be one of the first people we contact. We have no doubt that we will ask for your assistance if and when we list our home and purchase another one. 
Thank you for the professionalism you exhibited during the sale of our condo and purchase of our home. Thank you also for being such a wonderful person. We wish you the best of luck with your business and new grandson. Keep in touch!
Jessica and Andrew Rice  August 25, 2004
(Hatcher, too!)
Dear Lisa,
I just have to write a letter and express our appreciation of your services.  We want people to know what they are getting when they work with you.
In February 2003, our lives were about to turn upside down.  We lived in Florida and Scott had been invited to Dallas for an interview with Texas Instruments.  We decided to go on-line and contact a realtor.  Even though we didn't know we'd be moving yet, we thought it wise to look around while we were there.  That's where our contact with you began.
You had absolutely nothing to gain by meeting with us, yet you did.  You gave us so much time that first meeting without even knowing whether we'd actually move to Dallas.  You gave us information on several areas, schools, and shopping, directions on how to get to them, and you showed us several houses also. You were able to learn what we were and were not looking for in a home.  The impression you left us with that first time was one of professionalism, diligence, and personalization.  We knew, if we relocated, you would be our realtor.
Back in Florida, you called to check on progress.  When you did, you inquired on how our family was doing. You understood the stress we were under perhaps even more than we did.  Cameron was 4 at the time, Christian was 1 1/2, and I was pregnant with Claire.  You were always checking on how we were physically and emotionally.  You were quickly becoming such a friend to us.
Soon, we knew we were relocating and Texas Instruments brought our whole family out for a house-hunting trip.  So in March, we came out for four days and you re-arranged your schedule to help us.  You put up with our pickiness and fussy children, which was no small task.  You were interested in what worked best taking into consideration my young children and how tired we all were.  Going through houses was difficult with the children.  You made it easier by staying with them in a room and watching them so Scott and I had the freedom to really look.  You didn't even mind meeting at kid friendly places like Braum's!!  We went through countless houses each day and finally we found one we loved.  Once back in Florida, arrangements were made for us to relocate to a corporate apartment while the closing on our house was being awaited.
We arrived in Dallas at the beginning of April and began inspections etc. on the house, all of which you arranged.  As often happens in this business, we pulled out of the offer on this house due to complications.  We had to start all over and time was not on our side.  You handled it wonderfully.  You were with us the whole time and didn't seem to tire of helping us.  We needed to get out of the apartment by the beginning of May and we wanted to be in our house before Claire was born and she was due in MAY also!!!
Although you had already gone above and beyond, you started over immediately.  Through many days of indecision on our part, you kept advising us on our best course of action.  You never made us feel hurried or in the way.  You make us feel as though we were your only client.  Once we began looking at new construction, we depended on you to negotiate with the builders.  Where they would tell us no, you could get a yes even on Easter weekend!  We finally made a decision and you helped us get our home.  Our house is lovely, our neighborhood is perfect for us, and it's all because of you!
Lisa, you could not have done more to ease our transition to Dallas.  We hardly had to lift a finger.  You understood what stress it was to be relocating with two small boys and being pregnant!  And we didn't move once, but twice!  We are so thankful God led us to you for our realtor.  We know now that He knew we'd need you for much more.  Your friendship has been the biggest blessing!  Please feel free to share this letter with prospective clients of yours
 Love and prayers,
The Menjoulet Family
Scott, Michelle, Cameron, Christian, and Claire  July 16, 2003
Dear Lisa,
This is a long overdue letter. My first note got eaten by the hard drive, the 21st Century version of the dog ate my homework. As you are will aware, both my buying and selling of home with you as my agent were unusual. You certainly made the house selling easier for me: faxing, modifying, and faxing again, until we both ran out of ink. At least I did not have to worry about the details of and the closing was problem free. Although we did not get much use out of all the effort you put into “presenting” the house, the brochure was a very professional job with great pictures.
My new home purchase certainly set some firsts for both of us. Not to belabor the details as you probably are still shaking your head over that. How will ever forget the four-foot rule for noting problems during the final walkthrough? How can you forget the builder (who shall remain nameless) who walked out on us?
My purpose is really to thank you (although late) for your support, both professional and personal during my house buying adventure. I REALLY could not have done it with out you. Taking care of so many of the details and fighting battles as needed let me concentrate on my work during a very busy time. Your sense of humor helped tremendously. Laughter was the best medicine in this case.
When you stop by, I will have the champagne chilled. I can hardly wait for our next real estate transaction!
Mary Ellen Taylor  June 14, 2003
Dar Lisa,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you did to find us a home. We are grateful for the amount of time you invested into making sure that we chose the right home in the right location. You were very committed to making sure we got the right price and all of our needs were met in closing. We feel that you went above and beyond your responsibilities to ensure that we completed this process as efficiently and as stress free as possible. I can’t imagine what we would have done without you, especially since we were closing our home while living in California. Your professionalism and efficiency is greatly appreciated.
Thank you also to your assistant, Stacie. She was very prompt to follow up and to get us information that we were in need of.
Both of your friendly personalities and genuine concern for our best interest made buying our first home a wonderful experience.
I am going to tell everyone I know who is buying or selling a home about your services.
Thanks again!
Drs Steven and Laura Le   May 14, 2003
Dear Lisa,

We want to thank you for all of your help in finding us our first home!

As first-time homebuyers, we were unsure of the whole buying process.
You were always patient with us and more than willing to answer all of our questions - even when we asked the same questions twice. You were always happy to show us properties we were interested in (and in many cases, show us the same house several times).  We appreciate that you were willing to accommodate our busy schedule and never made us feel pressured in anyway.

In the end, we feel we chose the right home in the right location, which you helped us get a great deal on.  We know we could not have done it without your assistance. We would recommend your services to anyone looking to buy a home in the DFW area.

Thanks again!
Derek and Cheryl Baessler  May 20, 2009

PS - we look forward to having you work with my parents once they plan
their move to DFW.
Matthew & Jennifer Maddox
10505 Lake Gardens
Dallas, TX
Dear Lisa:
While belated, this is the letter I promised you after you assisted us so ably with our purchase of 10505 Lake Gardens. Please excuse my tardiness, and except our heartfelt thanks for your consistently excellent service. I cannot imagine ever using a realtor other than you.
Lisa DeNardo demonstrates the professional excellence of someone who has melded a personal passion with her vocation. There is simply no other explanation for her consistently excellent results and superior service. To be as good at your work as she is, you have to love it.
We first met Lisa in 1998. We wanted to sell our first home, and we contacted her simply because she seemed to be the realtor of choice for the other residents in our area. We soon discovered why this was so. She knows her business like no other realtor I have encountered. Before our first meeting, she had researched every listing and transaction for homes in our neighborhood. Because of her years of experience, she was able to compare this data to the unique characteristics of our home and recommend a listing price. It was obviously right on target. We had an offer within 3 days for only a few hundred dollars less than our asking price.
Lisa managed the sale of our second home in much the same way, doing the appropriate research and going the "extra mile" in marketing our home. Within 24 hours of listing, she had secured photographs of our home and prepared a powerful, well-written graphic. The house sold relatively quicly in a slow-moving area. She kept us well-advised and informed every step of the way.
When we decided to buy our current home, we never considered using a realtor other than Lisa. We needed to move to Dallas from out of town on relatively short notice. Lisa came through with multiple listings that were appropriate to our needs and price range. She carefully advised us on our decision, pointing out both positive and negative factors on each property.
Lisa sees her business as more than transactions and commissions. She is constantly evaluating general market trends and the unique characteristics of individual areas within the metroplex. Her recommendations are grounded in diligent research, not simply in what a client wants to hear. But most of all Lisa sees her work as about people, not houses. She genuinely cares for his clients, as those of us who have been fortunate enough to work with her all know. We recommend her without reservation.
Matthew Maddox (matthew@themaddi.com)